14 Oct


THIS QUESTION has stirred much debate.  Historically, Christians have voted for candidates of different faiths, inclding Mormons, based on how they live their lives and how deeply committed they are to upholding the U.S. Constitution.  Remember, God ordained government, and we are not electing a postor-in-chief, we are electing a commander-in-chief.

George Washington was Episcopalian, Abraham Lincoln had no religious affiliation while he was president, John Kennedy was Catholic and Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were outspoken Southern Baptists.  Over a period of 223 years, our nation’s cities and states have been governed by people of many different faiths, including Mormons from both the Democrats and Republican parties.  Orrin Hatch, a Mormon, has served this nation as an effective senator and George Romney, Gov. Mitt Romeny’s father, was one of the great governors of Michigan.  His religion never interfered with governing, but his personal faith did define his strong marriage…

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